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With the gradual maturity of the post-90s and 00s, the […]

With the gradual maturity of the post-90s and 00s, the consumption behavior of teenagers tends to be rational, and the multi-element packaging box attracts people's attention. At the same time, the market is gradually showing a complicated situation of over-saturation, leading to aesthetic fatigue.

"Beauty" is not a standard to measure the quality of food packaging boxes. High-grade materials cannot determine the grade of the design. Gorgeous coats are wrapped in unsuitable products, and the value of packaging is over-advertised, often not being recognized by consumers. Similarly, high-quality products and poor packaging cannot achieve the expected market effect. Only according to different stages, different locations, different ages, and different consumer groups, the targeted packaging for sales is a good packaging design. Therefore, the evaluation of packaging quality should be objective, and should be based on the suitability of the product, rather than completely putting the market state aside to determine personal aesthetic appeal.

A good food packaging box not only needs to meet the needs of the market, but also needs to be close to the attributes of the product. Simplicity is simple, and multi-level packaging is multi-level.

The design style of gift box product packaging emphasizes an aesthetic sense of using nature, kindness, simplicity, health, and environmental protection. As a packaging box, it is not only limited to the circulation and display on the market and shelves, but also can effectively intervene to make In the management of people’s social development relations and living environment details, gifts have emotional exchanges and hand-borne characteristics. These problems are different. Generally, different characteristics are used in "one-time" packaging, which requires an intriguing connotation and a refreshing charm. , A more user-friendly design can be an advantage.